5 May 2017

Mr Amrin Amin MP for Sembawang GRC, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Home Affairs with Master Robin Peh & Master Chris Seow.

Wishing You Happy Lunar New Year! 新年快乐!

Please be informed that masters will not be available for consultation on
27/01/2017 (Eve of Lunar New Year) and 28/01/2017 (1st day of Lunar New Year.)
They will be held up with temple activities.
We will resume all our services on 29/01/2017 (2nd day of Lunar New Year.)
Thank you!
我们会在农历十二月三十(27 Jan 2017)除夕日和正月初一(28 Jan 2017)休息。
我们将在正月初二(29 Jan 2017)继续为您提供咨询服务。谢谢!


Tom and Ben’s Singapore Sling (Australia TV 7) – City God Temple 都府城隍庙15 April 2014

Dear Friends, Clients and Business Associates,

My journey had been more difficult than anticipated and it took me longer than I had expected. It took me twice(2x) the required time to complete my mission, 10 months instead of 5 months, this invaluable experience had been my most Challenging and fruitful time ever encountered and had changed the way I see the world.

The road may feel long at times, however, as I came to realize no one ever win an Olympic gold medal with a few weeks of intensive training makes the process of my personal renewal and developments so much easier.
Every great company, every great brand and every great career has been built bit by bit, step by step.
There is no magic solution. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
We need to find like-minded people if we are to reach our goals and spur on to greater heights.

I will tap into my inner energy and go where the energy is, to explore the infinitely possibilities of what the spiritual mind can achieve. This is God’s gift to me and it is what God has entrusted to me.

I will demonstrate my best in it to serve you better. This is going to be a major challenge for me and my team. In all sorts of fields, the accepted wisdom change from time to time. Knowledge is superseded. New theories, concepts and ideas spring up to replace even deep rooted ones.
Hence, I will identify those things that are important to do and those things I will do until they are done. Doing it one fulfilling step at a time and enjoying every bits of it.
I will be available for consultation from TODAY onwards.
In order for me to effectively deliver my work to achieve excellent results, those whom had fixed your appointment, please keep to your date/time allocated, unless it is urgent.
Be successful, being who you want to be and start making a difference TODAY.

Robin S C Peh                                               11 Jan 2016

日复一日,月复一月,时光在不经意间过了十个月。告别了我与同伴们珍贵的友谊和许多美好的回忆。经历过这段过程,我才明白一切远不及我想象的那么容易,也加深了我对宗教哲学的研究兴趣。我要感谢神灵的安排,让我在不知不觉中轻而易举的体验到许多意想不到的本领。从而“自知之明。” 我很荣幸能有此机会和多位高手过招,”故不登山,不知天之高也”,从而提升了自己的法术经验。学习不是一朝一夕的事儿。每个人都必须时刻进步,不断学习。在现代社会里,知识就是力量,知识要提高和挑战才能不断增长,我们才不会原地踏步。对突如其来的变故才能应对自如。

我对自己所要做的都有着很高的期望,也会在可以的范围内尽最大的努力做到最好给大家。我从今天开始投入全部身心为你们服务. 每天早上9am至下午6pm.