20 questions closely-related to pave your way to success

If you want to know the following 20 questions closely-related to pave your way to success, Please call 9029 7881 (Master Robin SC Peh)

  1. Accurately calculate your intrinsic character and potential, according to your date of birth.
  2. Are you suitable for being an employee, or owning your business? Which industry suits you better?
  3. How to understand the strengths and weakness of your five elements through the eight characters, so as to strength your fortune? (Improve your fortune through the five elements)
  4. Are you suitable for partnership or sole proprietorship?
  5. Are you able to develop overseas? Can your fate let you reside overseas?
  6. Will you be betrayed or dragged on by friends?
  7. How are your Straight Fortune and Side Fortune? Can you accumulate wealth?
  8. Will you be harmed by accidents?
  9. For the direction of your house, which direction is auspicious, which direction is inauspicious?
  10. Where should your spirit tablet be located in your house?
  11. In which direction is your natal god of wealth located?
  12. Where is the auspicious facing of your bed?
  13. What colours suit you better?
  14. What is your lucky number? Which numbers have good implicit power to you?
  15. Are you in a happy marriage?
  16. How is your fate with your children? How is their development in the future?
  17. Where does your love come from? In which year will you have luck with the opposite sex?
  18. How to restraint from bad luck in love? How to enhance popularity?
  19. For students, which subjects suit you better? Can you pass the exam?
  20. A short commentary on this year’s fortune.